Shou d'Ouilly - Saint Lô

Shou d’Ouilly returns to Normandy

After a very positive weekend at the CSI 3 * of St-Lô, Shou d’Ouilly mounted by Pedro Veniss finished in second place of the Petit GP after a barrage of a fluidity and a harmony of which only this magician was able. A feast for the eyes and a riding lesson for the rest.

Shou d'Ouilly - Saint Lô Shou d'Ouilly - Saint Lô

Shou d’Ouilly always showed great quality. Cécile Devrégille, who had already taken care of her debauchery, had already detected a real phenomenon in the mare. First foal of Osiris, she already showed a lot of similarity with her mother at the level of influx and means from where her nickname “World Cup”.

Very sensitive, like many foals Calvaro, it took time to put in the mold. On arrival at Pedro Véniss and with all the patience and talent of his team led by Dr. Myriam Latorre, the mare now connects the results with a regularity that reminds us of her family!

Anyway, the best is yet to come.