Our Services

The treatments at the stud

Multiple treatments are performed at the stud. Above modern reproduction techniques we also use osteopathy, acupuncture, herbal therapy and energetic medicine. These techniques are very complementary and can improve fertility of both our mares and our stallions. All the gynaecological follow-up of our mares and the production of semen by the stallions is registered in order to access all data whenever necessary – for example to compare one year to another.

The stallions

Haras d'Ouilly - Etalons

We offer a high quality service for the stallions, which we take care of. They inhabit 4 large boxes where they may or may not communicate with each other form the installations. The stallions have large paddocks at their disposal all closed with wooden rails and electrified. They are taken to a breeding room across the laboratory to collect the semen. The stud has the European approval as a reproduction centre to collect the semen.

The company Eurogen assures the freezing of semen at the stud if necessary. Extra to the daily yet valuable care (like specific feeding, work and relaxation) we make sure we provide the horses with first-class physical monitoring through acupuncture and osteopathy. These techniques insure their well-being and improve the fertility of their semen. In fact, the stress coming from a champion’s career and the work as a stallion on the phantom may cause damage to the spine, which at the Haras d’Ouilly is quickly diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

We are able to send the seed of our stallions throughout France in 24 hours and within a day to the neighbouring departments. In 2010, more than 400 mares were served by d’Ouilly.

The inseminations

haras d'ouilly - Laboratoire et inséminations

We host the mares at the stud for the year or for the breeding season, in foal or not in foal.

In case where the mare is stationed at Ouilly for the season, she can stay at the stud during the time in heat or until the pregnancy is diagnosed. The approval as insemination centre grants us access to all available stallions in France and abroad, using fresh, chilled and frozen semen.

The gynaecological follow-up of the mare is of course adapted to the chosen type of insemination. The ultrasound checks may go up to several checks per day if necessary and are performed by dr. Lebon. All options are taken to improve the fertility of the mares.

The embryo transfers

We offer our clients to possibility to perform embryo transfer. We possess over a group of recipient French trotter mares selected for their maternal qualities and easy character.


Haras d'Ouilly - Poulinage

The team of the stud, all under veterinary guidance secures the foaling with the Birth Alarm system, doubled by a video surveillance system. The dedication of the team ensures the seriousness necessary for a successful and stress-free foaling and if necessary, the ability to quickly carry out neonatal cares.


We assure the raising of the foals up to the age of 3. They will be handled daily by our team who are privileged to their trust and regular contact. Patience and listening to the foal is the guarantee for a solid relationship with man. It is this trust that will determine the horse’s behaviour during the breaking-in, which will be more harmonious.